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Meet the talented crafters who are making waves with their creative and unique craftsmanship. Lay-Mouneh is celebrating the crafters and designers by showcasing and sharing their work

I am a fashion designer graduated from NDU in 2012.
Since childhood, my parents noted my tendency to create my own accessories and clothes. This fondness of personal fashion design led me to where I am today.

My family owns a garments factory since 1984, and this really helps in achieving my designs.

After a few months of my graduation, I launched in the Lebanese market, my line of handmade apparel and accessories that appeal to all tastes. I was meticulous to the last detail to ensure that my ready-to-wear garments are stylish and yet comfortable to wear.

Most of my items are inspired by Lebanese heritage, as well as many other special themes. Moreover, I do customized items like T-shirts, hoodies, bags and many more.
My future plans are to continue to present new concepts and themes for the teenager and adult ready-to-wear tastes in my country and all over the world. “Marianne M.” slogan is to wear what reflects you!

Crochet and handmade work are my passion. Since i was 6 years old I learned this art of crocket from my mother. With this passion, i carried the family heritage for years. My love for crochet helped me to sustain a living during tough times, it provided me an escape to the yarn world flowing between my fingers and gave me strength to move on

Founded in 1963, IRAP (Institute for Audio-Phonetic Rehabilitation) is a specialized institute for the education of people of determination, deaf people from all ages.

IRAP stood during the difficult years of civil war and other challenging circumstances.

This family grew too fast…the adventure continues, and with the genuine support of many citizens, a workshop for teaching manual crafting saw the light in 1968. IRAP gets its energy and its purpose of existence from the people it takes care for. They are its main inspiration, strength and joy.

The workshops continue to be specially designed for people with special needs who cannot fit into usual or ordinary professional structures and find IRAP a protected workplace, a haven of peace, a warm home, a place where we love each other beyond differences, a community of work and shared life.

“Thanks for all our predecessors who left a legacy in the craftmanship that got inherited from father to son. Our crafts have evolved in recent years to respond to customers’ needs: We are offering a blend of old and modern crafting on metal, a style fusion between East and West and a lot of techniques that make each piece unique that speaks by itself. I have put my 35 years of experience at the service of this job that I do with passion and creativity”

A mother of two who enjoys unleashing her talent while she is around her kids.

“I put my passion in every piece I make, I love to see a dull piece of a plain mug, or plate turned into a totally different beautiful piece”

“We are two sisters , founders of Jumell. Since a young age, we spent our spare time creating and making crafts and in 2016, we decided to start our online store “Jumell”. The name of our brand comes from the combination of our names and we both look like Twins (Jumelle in French). We both put our heart in every piece we do , we offer unique pieces and décor to your cozy corner at your home and offices”

From a house on Batroun shores, a coastal city in north Lebanon, the idea of handcrafted by Dee saw the light. “I was so passionate towards art since my childhood. I started the art of macrame about 4 years ago. Moving threads is like playing music for me, until it forms an orchestrated piece of knots”