About us

Who is Lay-Mouneh?

                    I have been fascinated like many by the idea of discovering the world through other cultural facets… amassing a collection of craft items from all over the world… embracing the diversity and traditions clasped in our planet earth through each country spices, food mixes, handmade soap natural scents, flower aromas in honey… and so many more.

Getting bits and pieces from here and there gave me a sense of belonging to the whole world, to the roots beyond mass production.

Once in a while, in my expat existence, I would like to invite friends from different nationalities to bring their taste buds to sample the goods of my homeland served in handmade artisanal potteries crafted by a young artist from our town.

I am all the time impressed by how much they would like to know about Lebanon … our artists and poets, our culinary art, our Zaatar (thyme)… so many discussions and opportunities to enrich each other cultural experiences and embrace diversity...

Lebanon has a message that many would like to hear, an eternal hope and resilience message.

I am an earthy farmer, a humbled artisanal crafter that goes back to roots, conserves the goodness of nature, connects inherited skills and people to delight consumers with “pure & simple” produces and “love cues” with every handmade piece I make.


Message from Lay-Mouneh?